Children's Ministries

Bethany Children's Homes began in 1991 when Yesupadam was reminded by the Lord about his years of malnutrition and starvation as a young child. Burdened for orphans and families that could not provide basic care for their children, the first home began in Visakhapatnam with 25 children, and presently hundreds of impoverished children ages 3 and up are being cared for in different locations. Many are now grown and contributing members of society in India and abroad. Love-n-Care Ministries provides these children with 3 meals a day, clothing, books and school uniforms, excellent education in English, and complete health care. Most importantly, these children are cared for spiritually through daily training in the Scriptures, waking every morning at 5:00 for prayer and worship and maintaining a disciplined and well-balanced daily schedule. They are being raised up as a mighty army to establish a new generation to reach India and the ends of the earth with the gospel.