Outreach Ministries

Discipleship Training Centers

After many years of personal evangelism especially to the unreached tribal people living in the Eastern Ghats' mountain range, Yesupadam saw the need for pastors to plant churches. God answered this need at an altar call in a remote tribal area when 28 young men committed their lives to reach their people for Christ. Thus, in 1990, the first Discipleship Training Center (DTC) began. A one-year program with the Bible as the textbook, young men and women are trained for ministry and then sent out to evangelize and plant churches. With two schools in Andhra Pradesh and one in Chatisgarh, over 1800 students have been trained in 18 years and have planted over 1000 churches, 300 of which are under the leadership of Love-n-Care.

Pastor's Conferences and Crusades

Love-n-Care Ministries arranges crusade meetings and conducts seminars to equip pastors and leaders through Bible based teaching.

Tribal Village Outreach

One of the main focuses of Love-n-Care Ministries since 1990 has been to bring the gospel to every tribal village in the Eastern Ghats' mountains of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. Every year in the month of April all male Bible School students, staff and pastors trek into the mountains and go village to village handing out tracts and showing the Jesus film. In 2007, all the villages in this mountain range were reached with the gospel of Christ through Love-N-Care Ministries! Other areas are now being focused on each April.

Bethany "Prayer Tower"

Challenged by the passionate prayer life of the Korean churches, prayer has become the backbone and reason for the amazing fruitfulness of Love-n-Care Ministries over the years. 24 hours of daily prayer, year round, is the continual goal. Bethany Prayer Tower began in a small shed, now is located in an underground room and the vision is to build a Prayer Mountain with beautiful conference halls and private prayer rooms.