Our Present Project

In 2005, the government of India miraculously sold Love-n-Care Ministries 5 acres of land which included a mountain. The Lord had shown Yesupadam this exact place in 1997 as part of a vision to build a "Prayer Mountain", and after 7 years of prayer, the Lord released it! This land has now been excavated and leveled, fully prepared for the construction of the following:

Prayer Mountain: located on the top of the mountain, with a prayer hall and individual rooms for 24 hour prayer.

Hospital: a 100-bedded facility at the foot of the mountain, fully equipped to meet the physical needs of the community, with a special focus towards cancer patients, children, and pregnant women.

Mentally Disabled Home: caring for the mentally challenged who are seen as outcasts in society.

Old Age Home: meeting the needs of the elderly and allowing them to be involved in the care of the mentally challenged.

Staff Housing: for the staff of the above facilities.